Want to See the Pleasure In Your Eyes
doesn’t matter
releasing someone
deep in your heart
is the suffering
you’ll compare
all other pain to
the rest of your life

- (via lzlabs)
“He’ll give you flowers and shower your cheeks with kisses but it’s a freaking plot be careful…. 165 days from now or sooner he’ll pour melancholic acid inside your mind and he’ll throw a thousand bricks of unpleasant words against your heart. He’ll hand you remorse at its best and shower your cheeks with tears. Sleep will run 4,000 miles away from you, happiness will be confiscated by sadness, and it’s a freaking plot.”

- Alexa Evangelista (via vodkakilledtheteens)
“I have no heart.
There is no pumping, only silence.
Only sighs.
I am made of holes.
Of cracks.
I am shallow and soft.
My grasp is skin-deep.
I am a bone breaker.
Vein slitter.
I am liquid in a broken container;
always leaking and flowing.
Never getting dried up.
But still, I am capable of loving.
I am a woman and I love you.
I am sorry I have loved you
the wrong way. I am sorry
I don’t know how to do it right.
I don’t know what to feel.
I am not even sure
if there is something to feel.
There is music.
There is peace.
There is blackness.
There is you.
I have no heart for me.
Only for you.”

- irishjulienne, when you’re lonely and you try to love (via talkingoutsoft)


me: *finds it kind of funny* *finds it kind of sad*


Bee and Lavender done by Luci at Tatouage Royal in Montreal. 


Cosmo Sex Tip #4565345

If your partner asks you to be louder during sex, seductively say, “GUH-HYUK” in the voice of Goofy, as loud as you can.

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It’s OK to believe in life after love. Cher if u agree